Thursday Session Presentations

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8:30 – 9:45am

Resiliency Planning – Hurricanes and More
Frank Bernardino, Sean Sullivan, Al Vazquez, Tara McCue, AICP

Getting Your Brownfields Property Ship Shape
Stephanie Heidt, AICP, Miles Ballogg, Janet Peterson PG, Nadia Locke, PE, LEED, Karen D. Hamilton

Trails, Towns and Trees
Brian Smith, FAICP, Robert Ironsmith, AICP, C. Elizabeth Manley, Samantha Browne

Creating a Better Climate for TOD
Kim DeLaney, PhD, Karen McGuire, AICP CTP, Loraine Cargill

Essential Tips for Drafting and Adopting a Form Based Code
Ivy Vann, CNU-a, Catherine Hartley, AICP, CNU-a

Changing Course: New Futures for Old Golf Courses
Blake Drury, AICP, Helmut Wysizk III, Larry Gendzier, Esq, Emily Hanna, AICP

10 – 11:15 am

Aye, There be Trouble Ahead! Resiliency Practices for Long Range Transportation Planning
Karen Kiselewski, AICP, Lois Bush, Allison G. Yeh, AICP, LEED Green Associate, Denise Bunnewith, James Cromar

UX/UI How Design Thinking Transformed Planning and Development Services into the Department of Doing
Lila Stewart, Wendy Thomas, AICP, Andrew Persons, AICP

Tools for Implementing Express Lanes (EL) in Florida – The EL Manual
Barbara Davis, AICP, MBA, Genoveva Fruet, AICP, Ph.D, Massoud Moradi, AICP, Ph.D, PE

Planning and Land Use Law Update
Susan Trevarthen, FAICP, Esq., David A. Theriaque, Esq., Nancy Stroud, FAICP, Esq.

1:15 – 2:30 pm

Mobility Challenges of Downtown Redevelopment, the Case of Downtown West Palm Beach
Ana Maria Aponte, AICP, LEED AP, Uyen Dang, TE, Brad Davis, AICP, CNU-A

“Complete Streets”–What Does it Mean for Our Cities?
Uyen Dang, TE, Mayor Abby Brennan, Kim DeLaney, Ph.D, Valerie Neilson, AICP, Nilsa Zacarias, AICP

“Turnpike of Tomorrow” Connected and Automated Vehicles – coming soon to a highway near you!
Jennifer Stults, AICP CTP, CPM, FCCM, César A. Segovia, AICP, Mindy Heath, AICP, Justin Hannah, AICP

A New Look at Affordable Housing: Launching a Regional Approach
Rebecca Hammock, Linda Rhinesmith, AICP, Alberto Vargas, Owen Beitsch ,FAICP, Ph.D, Susan Caswell, AICP

South Florida Avenue (SR 37) Complete Street Charrette & Master Plan
Patricia Steed, Dana Little, Chuck Barmby, AICP CTP

Preparing for Success in Planning Management
Melissa Zornitta, AICP, Marcie Stenmark, AICP

Will Transit Leave the Station? A Healthy Debate
Greg Stuart, AICP, Ray Chiaramonte, FAICP, Aileen Bouclé, AICP, Whit Blanton, FAICP, Clarence Eng, FAICP

2:45 – 4 pm

The SMART Plan: Promoting Economic Growth through Rapid Transit Investment
Aileen Bouclé, AICP, Wiatt Bowers, AICP, Juan Mullerat, Edward Ng, AICP, MPP, MPI

Quick Hit Approaches – Lessons from EPA’s Smart Growth Technical Assistance Programs
Patricia Steed, Jennifer Codo-Salisbury, AICP, MPA, Alana Brasier, AICP

Smart Mobility: A Model for Promoting Healthy Community Design
Keith Smith, GISP, Tyler K. Johnson, AICP, Curtis Ostrodka, AICP, LEED AP, Jim Sellen, MSP

Autonomous Vehicles in Transit – Applications and Policy Planning for Florida’s Future
Dennis Smith AICP, Gabrielle Mathews, Dennis Hinebaugh

Unlocking Solar’s Bounty – How to Prepare for Large Scale SolarJosh Long AICP, Jeff Conte AICP, Peter Cocotos Esq

Easing the Burden: A Program for Empowering Your Community’s Heritage Preservation Efforts
Emily Jane Watson, RPA, Barbara Clark, RPA, Tristan Harrenstein

4:15 – 5:30 pm

The Brightline, Tri-Rail Coastal Link and Transit Oriented Development in South Florida
John L. Renn, AICP, PhD, Raphael Clemente, MURP, Jenni Morejon, Dana Little, Nader Salour

Pirates, Pigs, and More People: Planning Challenges and Opportunities in a Growing Coastal/Rural County
Kailey Porter, Adrienne Burke, Esq., MSAS, Taco Pope, AICP

The Peril of Flood and Planning to Adapt: What Every Coastal Community Needs to Know Now
Dan Evans, Dan Pennington, Whitney Gray

Arghh – Time to Parley on the Code of the Pirate (er, Planner) Brethren, Those Who Don’t Know Their Ethics May Be Forced to Walk the Plank!
Jennifer Stults, AICP CTP, CPM, FCCM, Mindy Heat,h AICP, Alison Stettner, AICP

Defensible Regulations For Effective And Context-Sensitive Signage
Kathryn Mehaffey Esq, Jeff Katims AICP, CNU-a

Memorable Places: What are the Urban Attributes that Define them?
Tim Stillings, AICP, William Waters, AIA, Charles Wu, AICP, Nilsa Zacarias, AICP