Friday Session Presentations

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8:30 – 9:45am

Planning for Florida’s Transportation Corridors: Casting Vision, Navigating Uncertainty
William B. Killingsworth, AICP, Janet Bowman, Patricia Steed, John Kaliski, Huiwei Shen

APA Florida’s New K-12 Teaching Materials and Plan Hillsborough’s Future Leaders in Planning (FLiP)
Lynn Merenda, Tony LaColla, AICP

Captain’s Quarters: Emerging Issues in Vacation Rentals
Lisa Tennyson, Jennifer Gomez, AICP, LEED AP ND, Shane Laakso, AICP, Samantha Padgett

No Reef, No Treasure!
Joanna Walczak, Isabel Cosio Carballo, Commissioner Doug Smith, Michael Busha, AICP, Mayor Beam Furr

School Planning and Funding Under Changing Conditions
Chris Akagbosu, Harry Fix, AICP, Kristin Kern Garrison, AICP, Nilgün Kamp, AICP, Amber K. Dickerson, AICP

Building Equity and Partnerships in the Distressed Communities
Kelsey Kerce, Stephen Bender, Vanessa Pinkney, Claudia Ray

10 – 11:15 am

Embracing Small Cell….On Your Terms
Douglas A. Metzger, AICP, Chris Milnes

Navigating Florida’s Economic Future – From Long-, Mid- and Short-Range Planning to State-, Regional- and Civic-Planning: How Do We Collaborate and Align Plans?
Scott Koons, AICP, Beth Medina JM, PMP COL(R), John Kaliski

Reaching Zero: A Vision for Florida’s Roadways
Trenda McPherson, Josette Severyn AICP, Gena Torres AICP, Alana Brasier AICP

Property Rights and Planning in Florida: What Planners Need to Know About the Harris Act, Koontz, and More
Evangeline “Van” Linkous, AICP, Ph.D, Susan Trevarthen, FAICP, Esq., Peter J. Henn, AICP, Esq.

Queer & The Conversation: The Ethics of Inclusion
Tony Plakas, Jim Barnes, AICP CEP, ICMA-CM, CPRP